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1. Workshop

The First Workshop for Urbanization Modeling (July 22, 2003, University of Houston)

2. Urbanization modeling for Houston (Proposal)

A. Understanding of Urban-Canopy Model (DA-SM2-U)
1) Simulation of meteorological fields within and above urban and rural canopies with a mesoscale model (MM5)

(by Dr. Sylvain Dupont (EPA))
2) Input, output and modification of MM5 for Urban-Canopy Model
(by Dr. Sylvain Dupont (EPA))

B. Background of this study
1) Large scale climate for Houston area
2) Weather summary of TexAQS2000 case
3) List of references for Houston meteorology and air quality

C. Goal of this study

D. Study Plan

E. Appendix
1) Computing Resources


Session 1: Overview of the UH Air Quality and Monitoring Center JULY 5, 2002
Overview of the UH Air Quality Modeling and Monitoring Center Prof. Daewon W. Byun (Geosciences Department)  

Session 2: Meteorological Models and MCIP of Models-3 CMAQ JULY 8, 2002
Class Presentation
MM5 modeling systemMs. Fang-Yi (Bonnie) Cheng (Geosciences Department)

WRF modeling system             Dr. Seung-Bum Kim (Geosciences Department)

Laboratory Presentation
GrADS and MM5 Ms. Fang-Yi (Bonnie) Cheng
(Geosciences Department)
Vis5D and MM5      Dr. Seung-Bum Kim (Geosciences Department)

JULY 9, 2002