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Gary Morris   Curriculum Vitae pdf
gary morries

Adjunct Faculty, Atmospheric Science
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Ph. D., Space Physics and Astronomy, 1995, Rice University
M. 3., Space Physics and Astronomy, 1992, Rice University
A. B., Physics and Mathematics, 1989, Washington University, Tallahassee

Office: 219-464-5516
Fax: 219-464-5489

  • Research Interest
  • Projects
  • Publications
• Authored or co-authored 28 peer-reviewed publications, 10 other publications, more than
75 conference presentations; co-authored and contributed to two ozone-assessment
• Principal or co-Investigator on more than 20 funded research grant proposals totaling
more than $1.5 million
• Developer and lead scientist on Fulbright Scholar Grant field campaign to examine the
outflow of pollution from China and its impact on air quality in Japan (2008 – 2009)
• Working with NASA scientists on the development of two new instruments to measure
atmospheric NOx and tropospheric ozone (2003 – present)
• Developed and principal investigator of the Tropospheric Ozone Pollution Project, which
has gathered the most extensive urban ozone profile data set in the world (2002 – present)
• Developed and leading the Research in Physics Education (RIPE) project (1998 – present)
• Developed a widely employed technique, trajectory mapping, for validating and
understanding atmospheric trace gas observations (1992 – 1994)
• Assigned as key member of field team to South Pole Station, Antarctica to diagnose and
repair electronics for an instrument measuring the atmospheric electrical conduction
current (1991)


  • A summertime climatology of tropospheric ozone profiles over Houston, Texas (1994 – 2009), Morris, G.A., C. Boxe, V. Thouret, A.M. Thompson, B. Lefer, and B. Rappengluck, Atmos. Chem. Phys., in preparation, 2010.
  • On the use of the correction factor with Japanese ozonesonde data, Morris, G.A, G. Labow, T. Koide, M. Takigawa, and H. Akimoto, Atmos. Chem. Phys., in preparation, 2010.
  • Evidence of Chinese pollution in summer ozone profiles over Sapporo, Morris, G.A., R.R. Dickerson, N. Carbonaro, T. Koide, J. Hirokawa, M. Fujiwara, F. Hasebe, N. Krotkov, G. Labow, and H. Akimoto, Japan, Geophys. Res. Lett., in preparation, 2010.
  • Evidence for the influence of STE on boundary layer ozone in Houston, Taylor, M., B. Rappenglück, G. Morris, B. Lefer, and C. Haman, Texas, J. Geophys. Res., first draft completed Oct. 2010, to be submitted in 2011.
  • Influence of vertical mixing uncertainties on ozone simulation in CMAQ, Tang, W., D.S. Cohan, G.A. Morris, D.W. Byun, W.T. Luke, Atmos. Environ., accepted with minor revisions, Dec. 2010.
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